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The Texas Police Trust was established in 1981 to provide supplemental medical, disability, life and dental coverage to officers across Texas.

The members of the Houston Police Officers Union form the core membership of the trust. In addition, the HPOU organization is the plan sponsor of the Texas Police Trust.

For information about specific benefits packages and to access downloadable forms, click the links to above. If you have any questions, please contact our offices toll-free at 800.846.1167 or via email at

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Houston Police Benefits

HPOU Member Benefits

If you are a Houston police officer who is a member of the Houston Police Officers’ Union and Texas Police Trust, you already receive medical reimbursement and accident disability insurance as part of your membership benefits. Find out what coverage you have by downloading the brochure below.

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Contract Benefits

Houston Police Officer Benefits

If you are a Houston police officer, you receive accident disability insurance, line of duty gunshot coverage, and accidental death coverage, according to the current bargaining agreement. Find out what coverage you have by downloading the brochure below.


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